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Science and Psychology

Since your experience and genetic make up are unique, so must be your treatment. Every plan is super individualized, it is very specific for each person’s needs and may include some or all of the following treatments.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfullness
  • Amen Healthy Brain Education & Protocols
  • Psycho-Analytical Work
  • Alpha-Stim

If you have questions about each treatment option, please let us know. If you want more information, would be happy to provide it.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a traditional therapy technique that helps clients explore the relationships between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Clients work at identifying and dismantling their self-destructive thought patterns. The National Alliance of Mental Illness reports, “Studies have shown that CBT actually changes brain activity in people with mental illnesses who receive this treatment, suggesting that the brain is actually improving its functioning as a result of engaging in this form of therapy.”



Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MCBT) helps clients identify their habitual thought patterns, and reprogram the brain to respond neutrally to thoughts, rather than unwaveringly accepting thoughts. Mindfulness encourages self awareness and meditation. It works really well, not only with depression, but also those struggling with personality disorders, and suicidal ideation. According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, people have experienced clinical depression three times, and have been treated with MCBT, have a 50% reduced relapse rate.

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Amen Healthy Brain Education & Protocols

Certified as an Amen Method provider, we take a multifaceted approach to emotional and physical wellness. The Amen Protocols use brain imaging scans, full diagnostic labs to identify your biological state, as well as getting a full personal history, and looking at psychological, social and spiritual influences. Armed with knowledge of what is actually happening with a person’s chemistry and biology, we can take a realistic approach to what will work to improve a person’s state of well being. We use the Amen supplements to help improve the physical and emotional health.


Psycho-Analytical Work

Originally founded by Sigmund Freud, Psycho-Analytical Therapy gives clients an opportunity to discover how their early childhood experiences and unconscious mind have helped create their current situation. The purpose is to help bring unconscious and repressed emotions to the conscious mind so that the client can then deal with them here and now. This type of therapy is often used when treating deep emotional wounds. This is a longer course of treatment because you are getting pretty deep. This is great for people who want to delve into the origins of their emotional pain.



Alpha-Stim is a new FDA approved product originally developed to help military soldiers cope with pain and the emotions of war. It is designed to put you into an alpha state, by balancing your alpha waves. It helps you to be in a calm, relaxed state, but not a sleepy state. The best way for lasting results is to use it every day for 3-4 weeks. It does not work on a one time basis, but works when using it consistently. This tool helps with insomnia, anxiety, depression, fibromyalsia, pain, and PTSD. We do have them available for rental.