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We all go through challenges. When those challenges turn into more than you can handle, therapy can be an important and powerful service.  Therapy is effective in the treatment of many different issues, psychological, medical, social, family, work, addictions plus many more. At the Salt Lake Wellness Center, our therapy specializes in bringing together different areas of a person’s life to create passion. We help challenge false beliefs in therapy and teach coping skills to deal with the overwhelming feelings that can take over when a person is dealing with stressful situations. We address the whole person in therapy and help with nutrition and supplement choices as well as look at how a person in functioning day to day. For example are you getting enough sleep? Do you lose the ability to concentrate in the afternoon?

At Salt Lake Wellness, we specialize in treating Depression, Autism Spectrum Disorders such as NLVD and Asperberg’s syndrome, ADD, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Fibromyalsia, Chronic Pain, Postpartum Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury, Addictions and more. Click here to learn more.



New technology and science can enhance traditional methods of treatment. Combining the forces of biology with the balancing affects of counseling can help accelerate your healing.

Treatment plans are customized specifically for each individual. This allows our practitioners to utilize tools and methods that are proven effective depending upon your individual physical and emotional needs. Learn more!



Women’s issues are unique from postpartum depression, to hormonal imbalances and life transitions. Whether you are 18 or 98, help is available. Call today to discover if Salt Lake Wellness Center is right for you.



Men often push themselves to the limits. Some mental health issues men face include addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, anger, and depression. Left untreated devastating results ensue. Treatment is available. Call today.

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Naturally curious and full of wonder, children often have to deal with life’s most difficult burdens. We can help children cope and overcome challenges such as divorce, anxiety, abuse, ADHD, and behavioral issues that manifest at school, home, or both.



Adolescents is a transition period that can be difficult for everyone because of social pressures, bullying, self harm, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, substance abuse, internet abuse, and eating disorders. Early intervention tends to produce the most success results.