Salt Lake Wellness Center

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There is hope.

The Salt Lake Wellness Center is committed to helping clients achieve their goals by assessing and addressing the whole person.  Mental health does not stop in the brain. It is a combination of overall physical health, lifestyle choices, satisfaction at work or school, and having passion, Clients often come to the Salt Lake Wellness Center overwhelmed by life circumstances.  We work hard at making sure we have a thorough initial assessment.  From there we can dive into what is causing or contributing to the symptoms that led the individual to seek out support.  We are passionate about treating clients who have had difficulty finding success in other treatments.  By addressing the whole person we have success in treating symptoms that have been hard to treat in the past.

The Salt Lake Wellness Center works with adults, couples, families, teens and kids to help overcome challenges. Ultimate well being, both physical and mental health, can be achieved by optimizing your psychology, spirituality, social connectivity.

The Marriage of Science and Psychology

For decades the science of medicine and the practice of psychology have helped individuals experiencing physical and mental health symptoms. Historically, the two professions operated separately from one another. New breakthroughs in science now allow better understanding of how the biology of the brain works. These breakthroughs have furthered the science of psychology and how we treat mental health disorders. Different imaging techniques allow us to view the brain and actually see the organ we are treating.  We are able to see the brain structures, how energy is used in the brain and what parts of the brain are activated during different activities or emotional states. The body reacts to emotional states. These reactions send signals to the brain which starts another series of reactions causing different symptoms to occur. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, life transitions, physiological changes, addiction or behavioral problems prompt individuals to seek treatment.  All of these symptoms, although painful, are the bodies response to stress and the body is doing exactly what it should be doing.  The good news is that the body can also heal itself of these symptoms with the right tools and habits.  Stress management techniques such as meditation, exercise and learning how to combat the negative self-talk that everyone experiences from time to time are tools the Salt Lake Wellness Center teaches to reverse the effects of depression, anxiety, etc. Nutrition and vitamins or supplements are also very helpful in helping the body return to a state of wellness.  The brain uses up to 30% of the body's nutrition. This makes the brain an expensive piece of real estate to maintain.  If it is not being properly nourished it will not function properly.  Luckily, what one puts into one's body is within their control.  Learning the effects of nutrition on the brain is a powerful way to take back your happiness.

Please call the Salt Lake Wellness Center at (801)680-7842 to schedule an appointment. Start your journey towards personal growth. Overcome your personal challenges. Address family dynamics. Define personal and professional goals.