Experience – Michelle Murphy, LCSW

Michelle Murphy, LCSW

Experience in genetics and biology began with an undergraduate degree in Genetics from the University of Utah for Michelle. Michelle Murphy, LCSW, has always had a natural curiosity for medical science. After doing research for 8 years, her path shifted to psychology when she discovered the powerful correlation between the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Michelle graduated in 2005 with a Masters of Social Work from the University of Utah. Her unique background in science and psychology has created an opportunity for her clients to understand their physical body and emotional well being in aiding clients to overcome difficulties. She thrives when reaching out to clients who have not experienced success with other treatments or who are especially resistant to change. Michelle loves watching her clients experience positive change. “I get really excited watching people get what they want out of life.” She explains, “I love being part of the vehicle of transformation. It is almost like going to a big movie premier. I get to see the growth before everyone else sees it.”She also understands the importance of relationships. “The biggest part of therapy is the connectedness between the therapist and the client. If there is no connection, there is not going to be a lot of change.”

Michelle’s experience includes treating;

  • Adolescents both in residential facilities, assessment hospital setting, and in private practice.
  • Children at the State Health Department, and in private practice
  • Adults, couples, and families in private practice settings.
  • Substance abuse cases in residential settings, and out patient court ordered clients and private practice clients.
  • Creating smooth transitional states for both men and women.
  • Working with families going through divorce. Counseling couples or individuals creating a more collaborative process during a time of tremendous conflict and high emotional responses.
  • Counseling and supporting children and adolescents caught in the middle of high conflict divorce cases. Providing a safe and supportive environment where children and/or adolescents can talk about their feelings without the fear of hurting either parent or damaging their relationship with either parent – both of whom the love dearly.

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