Treatment Cornerstones



When working with mental health issues people often think of the brain as the primary and most important organ to treat.  However, the mind-body connection is becoming more and more apparent. At the Salt Lake Wellness Center we work hard to connect the biology of the brain to the biology of the entire body. Over half of the body’s neurotransmitters are created in the gut. Because of this, the gut can be thought of as the second brain. Healthy nutrition and exercise habits are essential to good mental health.  We use nutrition, supplement therapy, and whole health education to optimize our clients outcomes.

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Therapy at the Salt Lake Wellness Center uses psychology to look at brain function and emotional responses. Understanding the individual’s response to stress and their level of self-awareness is key to creating individualized treatment plans that target the specific goals of each client. Building self-esteem, practicing CBT skills to change self-defeating behaviors and working on mindfulness skills to increase awareness and build healthy responses to stressful situations are all part of treatment planning.  Combining the therapy treatment planning with the education in biology, nutrition and exercise optimizes mental health treatment.

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At the Salt Lake Wellness Center we see spirituality as care of the soul and important to overall mental health and effective treatment. Creating passion and purpose are often outcomes of combining a sense of something greater than yourself with therapy and a healthy physical core. To feel passionate it is important to combine all aspects of one’s self. Connecting with nature, or a power higher than yourself, maintaining a sense of gratitude even when going through difficult times are all important treatment topics. Meditation, taking time to reflect on one’s goals and desires is an important tool in daily healthy living.

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Social Connection

In order to make long lasting changes, you need to be surrounded by supportive relationships. When positive transformations are being made, it’s often the people around you who resist change the most. Learn how to create a supportive social environment. Discover new passions and risk trying new ideas and hobbies. Positive change can be contagious and those around you might follow your in your steps rather than resist changing or looking at their own habits and issues. They may join you in your journey towards whole health.

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